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How to choose an extra wide baby gate

Wednesday, 3. February 2010 1:32

In today’s society, there is a definite increase in child safety awareness. More and more parents have shown interest in child safety devices. Hence, many parents are now looking to restrain the access of specific areas (stairs, kitchen, garage) or to secure their child in a hazard free area.¬† While it is easy to protect some parts of the house, because of the different designs of houses, it can be more difficult to find protections for some houses. As a matter of fact, some more modern houses are designed around an open floor concept and tend to have very wide doors, stairs, rooms and it can be difficult to find a place to install a standard size safety gate for your child. This is why some manufacturers have come up with the “extra wide baby gate”, or the super wide gate. These gates are designed to accommodate over 100 inches wide openings!

Safety gates will increase security and decrease the chances of injuries, the house being a place full of hidden hazards!

To help you choose your extra wide baby gate, we have summarize here the types of extra wide gates for children available.

First, you can buy a standard safety gate and simply add some extensions (extra panels). This is a fully practical and functional barrier, but remember that extensions for safety gates will only work if the opening is slightly bigger than a standard gate.

Second, the expandable gate. The expandable gate is the “yo-yo” type of gate. It can be retracted or elongated, and is therefore very useful for a wide range of opening sizes, and will function as long as the opening is smaller than the maximum length of the gate. This type of extra wide baby gate are usually wider than the standard safety gate with extensions and work like a charm for very wide openings. They can also be collapsed to a very minimal size, therefore can be very practically hidden when not in use.

Third, the customizable gates. The beauty of customizable gates is that they gate be joined together to create a playground, used as very very wide barrier, or simply used in very odd openings.

When researching your gate, make sure to read other parents reviews. By the problems they’ve encountered or their warm recommendations, you will be able to decide whether the gate is made for your house or not.You will also need to decide what material you prefer. While wood gates are better looking, they also tend to be more expensive than the metallic one. There is also the soft gates, made of a sturdy but soft material.

By choosing the right safety gate for you and your house, you will feel good knowing that if you have to step out of the room for a minute, your kid will be safe.

Summer Infant Sure And Secure

The Summer Infant Sure And Secure is an example of a costumizable gate.

For more information, visit

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The importance of childproofing your house

Wednesday, 3. February 2010 0:09

If you think that leaving your children in the house is much more safe than to let them to let them run around in the yard or with their friends, think again. Indeed, a house can be filled with hazards. But there are good news. In the house, you can work at preventing the risk of injuring, or at least reducing them. This can be done by using devices specially made to increase young children’s safety around the house, but also by increasing hazards awareness among other members of the house (your spouse, older brothers and sisters, tenants, etc).

Children and baby safety devices are usually affordable. They are also durable. You can purchase them in different locations : at the hardware store, the baby store, the drug store or even conveniently through the internet. Safety devices or products are products that should block young children access to hazardous objects or places in the house, but should also be fairly easy to use for parents.

It is very important that you do some research and read reviews before purchasing your safety material, because if your device is not working, you may as well save your money and go without one! Or on the other hand, your new childproof device could be working just fine (i.e. protecting your child), but so hard to use by you that you may end up having to buy a different one anyway.

The only way to have total effectiveness of your new baby-safety product is to follow the user’s manual. Do not try to improvise a new way of using such or such device, do not use screws or material other than the one provided by the manufacturer and read the installation manual carefully. Good and correctly installed child or baby safety devices will last you several years and will keep your little one out of trouble.

To help you, we have put together a list of child and baby safety products you might want to learn more about.

1) Baby safety gates : Having some friends over? Vacuuming the house? Cooking dinner? Or simply taking a shower? There are 84600 second in a day, it is impossible for a parent to keep an eye on their loved ones every second of the day. When you are unable to keep a close eye on baby, the best way to keep your little one out of trouble is to enclose them in a room hazard free, until your hands are free. Having an usually built or wide room? Opt for an extra wide baby gate. Some of them extend as much as 108 inches wide! Baby safety gates should be sturdy, designed so baby can climb up the gate, and pinch and choke free. Preferably, it should be easy enough for an adult to open it to walk through, but difficult enough for children to open.

Extra wide baby gates

Extra wide baby gates, such as those designed by North States, will restrain you children into safe areas of the house.

2) Safety latches/locks : Babies and young children are well-known curious creatures. They love to discover, and the closet, the drawers or the cupboards are a world full of treasures. Soap, “Windex”, medicines, matches and sharp objects are only a few of the interesting treasures found in those places… The use of safety latches and locks will greatly reduce the chance of injuries and poising. Safety latches and locks should be easy enough for an adult to remove, but sturdy enough to stop a child from removing it).

Are you cupboards childproofed? Think about adding some safety latches.

picture credit: moppet65535

3) Outlet covers : Keys, crayons, toys, children may try to sneak anything in an outlet. Outlet covers will protect your child from the dangers of electrical shocks or even electrocutions!

4) Corner and edge bumpers : Children are clumsy, like to push each other and easily tumble or fall. Protect them from sharp and hard edges by adding corner and edge bumpers on your furniture.

5) Furniture anchors : Protect your children from furniture that can tip over, such as TVs, stands, bookshelves and much more. By anchoring the big furniture to the wall or the floor and by adding anti-tip brackets to free standing ranges, you will greatly decrease the chance of serious injuries from a tipping piece of furniture.

6) Pool safety products : If you own a pool, it is essential that you own pool safety products. Whether you have children or not. Remember that even if you do not have children, other children may be interested by your pool, including friends, family or neighbors’ kids. Use a barrier that will surround the entire pool. The barrier should consist of at least of a 4-foot tall fence, with a self-closing and self-latching door (it should be closed and locked when the pool is not been used by anyone!) If you backdoor leads directly to the pool, install an alarm or add a power safety cover. A sliding door glass, even closed, is not considered a safety barrier to the pool.

These are only a few of the way you can childproof your house. There are many more types of baby safety devices. Every once in a while, it is a good idea to surf on the government website to look for products recalls. By keeping yourself knowledgeable of what is going on, you will make your house a much safer place for your kids.

Kayla, author for Extra Wide Baby Gate.

Note : Remember that this website was made for your information solely; it is your ultimate responsibility to look into your child’s safety. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s safety, please talk to your primary care provider, your physician, your child’s pediatrician or any professional able to give you professional advices. The author nor publisher take responsibility for any possible consequences following the use of the suggested products and any consequences which could result from reading or following the information contained in this webpage.

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Regalo Flexi Extra Wide Configurable Walk Thru Gate – White

Tuesday, 5. January 2010 12:36

Regalo Flexi Extra Wide Configurable Walk Thru Gate - White

This great extra wide baby gate by Regalo is configurable and can expand up to 76 inches! The Flexi is an extremely convenient gate. First, the walk-through design allow you to go in and out in seconds, eliminating the chances of tripping when trying to walk over the barrier. Second, this so convenient gate is super easy to install, and to remove as well. You can use this safe gate for children, but also for pets, or in some cases, for both, to keep little children away from bigger pets. The whole set up is just so easy to put up and take down. Move it from room to room in your own house, take it up when your brother-in-law in coming with their big dog, or younger children, or even bring it to your in-laws over the holidays vacations. This wide baby gate is easy to open and features a one touch release level style handle. Well-made and sturdy, the configurable Regalo Flexi is a number one choice for many worried parents.

This gate will block off any part of your house, including space as wide as a living room or a kitchen area (over 75 inches wide!). Together, the sturdy construction and the wall-mount system make this gate one the best extra wide available. Once the set up is installed (needs some screws on the wall), but can also be taken off the wall easily. Make sure to keep the safety latch on to prevent your smart kid to open to open the gate if lifting on the latch.

A wonderful gate for parents and give them some peace of mind while working on house chores or receiving guests.

For more information, visit

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Extra wide baby gate

Sunday, 28. June 2009 21:14

How to choose an Extra Wide Baby Gate

Extra Wide Baby Gate to protect your child’s from injuries

Babies are curious by nature. Their curious nature mixed with a lot of clumsiness and lack of understanding can lead to various injuries, caused by situations where the baby falls the stairs or plays with dangerous tools. In order to prevent those types of injuries, it can be necessary to install a device that will stop baby from accessing some places in the house, or to keep baby within a safe area. That device is call baby safety gate.

What is an Extra Wide Baby Gate?

It is usually fairly easy to buy a normal size baby gate from the store or online, but for some houses or specific stairs or rooms,parents may need to purchase larger gates for wider openings. Those larger gates are called Extra Wide Baby Gate. Wider gates often come in the same material as narrower baby gates, but in larger sizes. Because of their size, they are usually more expensive than the the regular baby gates. In many circumstances, the use of a normal baby gate is not enough and parents need to purchase an Extra Wide Baby Gate. Those safety gates can provide better safety in stairway openings, fireplaces, open floor plans (example, an L-shaped room or a get to separate the living room and the dining room when they are attached).

To ensure the best protection for your baby, before purchasing a gate for baby, think about the different areas of the house where you would like to use a barrier to restrain baby to a safe area while  eliminating potential dangers.

Extra Wide Baby Gate: what are the options?

Pressure mounted Extra Wide Baby Gate

A pressure-mounted safety gate is flexible in the sense that parents can install it and remove it in no time as they are pressure mounted and need no real installation (no drilling, no hammer). They are the less expensive types of Extra Wide Baby Gates. However, because they are pressure mounted, some parents feel that it is not as safe as hardware-mounted gates. Moreover, pressure mounted safety gates should never be used at the top of a stairway. Pressure mounted Extra Wide Baby Gates are very appealing to parents because they do not require any installation and cause no damage to the doorway, as long as it is not used at the top of the stairs.

Hardware mounted Extra Wide Baby Gate

The hardware mounted baby gate is the type of safety gate you should look for for stopping baby from accessing the ramp. Because it is permanently and strongly attached to the wall, the hardware-mounted safety gate is very safe. However, hardware-mounted Extra Wide Baby Gates need full installation, which means you will have to drill through the wall or the door frame.

Walk-through Extra Wide Baby Gate

If you are installing you new barrier between the living room and the kitchen, or a gate between areas you will need to access often, you may want to consider a walk-through Extra Wide Baby Gate, which combines safety and ease to use for the parents. Some models are so easy to use for the parent that they can open the gate using one hand only, while the other hand is holding the groceries, a laundry basket, etc. Two-way swing gate are good example. They are hardware mounted baby gates that can make swing either toward you or away from you.

Free standing baby gates

If you think that gates are for doorways only, guess again. Free standing gates are great solutions for the backyard, or a large open area in the house. They provide parents with a good structure where in places where there is no wall or door frame, and keep babies and children away from the pool or the lawnmower.

Expanded sizes.

Remember that your baby will grow up. Buying an Extra Wide Baby Gate with a bigger height will allow you to use it when your child grows taller.

Clear views safety gates

Choosing a gate that has a clear view will allow you to clearly see what you child is up to. The choices: clear plastic, mesh, or slats.

In the end, whatever type of gate you are looking for, whether it is an Extra Wide Baby Gate or not, when shopping, look for:

A sturdily built Extra Wide Baby Gate. The products should have smooth edges with no sharp parts. If you are buying online, read parents reviews, they will give you an idea about the quality of the gate. Our products are choosing by the best judges in terms of children security : parents.

The right dimensions. Before buying, measure the doorway or any enclosure you are planning to put the gate for your child (or pet as well) to make sure that it’ll be a good fit.

Manufactured after 1985. Any baby safety gate made before that date does not necessarily meet today’s safety standards.

Vertical slats. By purchasing a gate for children with vertical slats, you will increase safety. The reason is simple: horizontal slats = ladder.

Happy shopping at Extra Wide Baby Gate!

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