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An Octagon Baby Gate Is A Great Play Area!

Sunday, 19. April 2015 18:25

North States Superyard Play YardNorth States Superyard Play Yard, Grey, 6 Panel

So if you’re looking for an octagon baby gate you’re in luck since North States really makes a fantastic one. Now of course they aren’t completely restricted to an octogonal shape, you can get as creative as you want, but the general idea is that you’re making a nice little baby playpen out of these gates. An eclosed space or baby playpen is a great place for your child to stay safe and hang out while you want to get things done. Especially when they’re getting into that crazy age around 9-12 months where they’re super mobile, crawling everywhere and getting into constant trouble. An octagon baby gate is a great way to keep them out of trouble and also keep your own stuff safe! I can’t count the number of times my little guy has wandered over to the bookshelf and scattered books and decorations everywhere.

I swear I just took my eyes off him for a minute.

So this model is great in that every panel is pretty tall, clocking in at about 26″. Since the default kit comes with 6 panels, you’re looking at getting about 18-19 square feet, but of course this can be expanded by buying multiple kits. The Superyard Play Yard is perfect for keeping your little guy or girl safe, and when coupled with some nice rubber matting underneath provides the ultimate baby playpen!


So what is an octagon baby gate?

Technically an octagon baby gate is any 8 panels that connect to form an octagon, but that’s a really literal interpretation. Really when you search for octagon baby gates what you find are really all sorts, hexagon baby gates, enclosed baby playpens, really anything that provides a safe enclosed space for your baby to play in, because that’s really all that counts. The point is that it’s a freestanding enclosed space.
Does it really have to be an octagon or can it be any shape?

That’s kind of up to you, most kits come with 6 or 8 panels so you can make either a hexogonal or octogonal play area, depending on how many panels the kit came with. Some are also more flexible in that they don’t have to be attached at a specific angle, which means you can add more panels, or just attach everything in a rectangular area, for example.

What else can an octagon baby gate do? Can I use it as a pet gate?

Good question, because you may want to get a little more bang for your buck and get some dual use out of these things. Luckily these double as perfectly good dog gates, so if you’ve got an canine companion at home then these will function perfectly as pet gates to make an enclosed area for them as well. The North States SuperYard Play Yard will work perfectly well for most small or medium sized dogs. Larger dogs may or may not simple hop over or just walk right through, given they’re quite a bit stronger. As a reference though, I have a doberman who’s quite large, about 100lbs, and he happily respects the bounds of the gate. Your mileage may vary of course.


Does this work inside and outside? Should I buy one set for each?

The answer is of course, yes! They can be packed up very easily and moved inside and outside at a moments notice. The great thing about an octagon baby gate is that they’re so versatile and portable. I often use them in my backyard to keep my little guy in one spot while I do some gardening, and he loves it. I throw in a few toys for him to play with, and he enjoys some time outside playing and eating grass.

If you don’t mind packing the gates up and moving them outside when you do, then by all means just have one octagon baby gate set at home and move it as necessary. You may find that a bit inconvenient though, in which case it would be in your best interest to purchase 2 sets.


Can I use these gates anywhere else?

They’re meant to be freestanding and forming an enclosed space, so it’s definitely not recommended that you try to use them in any other situation such as at the top of your stairs. The gates move and slide, because they’re designed just to provide an enclosed playpen for a child.
I’m all thumbs, I can barely hang a picture on the wall. How easy is it to put together?

The great thing about octagon baby gates is that they tend to be super easy to put together, even for the most inexperienced handyman! Most kits just snap together or need some minimal work with a screwdriver. Remember that you’re not actually attaching these to walls or stairwells, these are freestanding baby gates and don’t need as much work to put together.


This all sounds great, I think I’d like an octagon baby gate! Where can I get them?

Amazon sells quite a wide selection of models, but not every model is really built to the same exacting standards. The quality and build differs wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, so we would say you should exercise caution when choosing. The North States Superyard Play Yard really does well across the board, great reviews from happy users, and so we’re confident in saying that’s the one you should consider purchasing.


Read about more options on baby gates at

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Top three extra wide baby gate – Customer’s choice

Monday, 1. February 2010 10:00

Last month, we asked our customers what extra wide baby gate they choose and how they would rate them. There were no surprises, the Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate came in first position and was the number one gate of many parents. This gate fits a reasonable large area (38″-53″), but can also accommodate larger areas with larger extensions. The gate is easy to set up (in less than 30 minutes), shuts by itself, is easy to open, and features a great lock. The design of the gate allows your child to see on the other side of the gate and not feel lonely on his or her side of the gate. Because it is pressure mounted, you don’t need to screw anything in your wall. The Dreambaby is tall enough so children can’t get over and was designed to make climbing of the gate nearly impossible for any children.

1. Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate five stars Pressure mounted

Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate

2. GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate Patented for No Pinch/No Choke Design

3. Summer Infant Stylish n’ Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Gate

Summer Infant Stylish n Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate2

If you are looking for a REALLY WIDE baby gate, consider the GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate. This gate comes in several sizes, the longest one being as wide as 108 inches!! This baby safety gate is sturdy, easy to install, and is very affordable, so it is no surprise so many parents and pets owners opt for that great gate. The GMI itself fits in quite large openings, and come in 4 sizes : 36, 60, 84 and 108 inches. This gate is simple for adults to open and close, and will keep baby where you want him: away from the dangers of the house.

Finally, the Summer Infant Stylish n’Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate came in third position for two main reasons: it’s sturdy and fancy look as well as it’s height. This 6 foot long extra wide baby gate will fit any decor and the height of the gate is ideal for tall parents, but also taller children, and will stop the most adventurous child from climbing over the gate.

Learn more about baby and kids safety on

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Summer Infant Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate

Thursday, 28. January 2010 20:00

Finding the right baby gate for a large room, unusual openings, or a large area can be a challenge. Most baby safety gates are made to fit a simple doorway  or a small hallway. It is possible to buy baby safety gate extensions, but buying the gate that fits would be the first choice of many parents. This is why Summer Infant, a leader in child safety devices and electronics, released this more than convenient product, the Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate by Summer Infant, or extra wide baby gate.

Parents Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate by Summer Infantmore on



Why Choose Summer Infant

Many parents feel they can trust brands such as Summer Infant, because children and baby safety are what they focus on. Summer Infant is known by most parents for their up-to-date technology in baby safety monitors, baby travel systems, nursery accessories and now baby safety gates, including the extra wide baby gate “Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate”.

This extra wide baby gate is a hardware-mounted, which increase the strength of the extra baby gate, therefore enhancing its overall security. Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (, this gate fits an opening as wide as 12 feet, and this without the hassle of purchasing baby safety extensions!  The size of this extra wide baby gate make it convenient to use and easy to install in openings where it is usually not easy to install regular baby safety gates.  This extra wide baby gate can also be used to corner off a section of a room and can be installed at the bottom of a stairway, to avoid your little one to wander up the stairs. Moreover, if you want to create a play area for your kids and his friends to play, simply purchase two of this extra wide baby gate and attach them together. This gate also features a walk-through door, to ease walking back and forth and eliminating the chances of tripping over the gate. The door locks for more safety to give you peace of mind when not around your child.

From the pictures, it is easy to see how two gates can make an actually area to keep baby away from troubles. This wide baby gate for stairs from Summer Infant is made of a material that is easy to wash and that looks great in any house and decor. The gate is easy to install and connecting two or more gates together can be done in no time. And for pets owners, this super wide custom-fit room barrier is also an excellent pet gate!

1) The extra wide baby gate can be angled and custom to fit unusual openings. The gate is so wide you will need only one gate to close your area of interest. If you need to create a play area, you can purchase a second one.
2) Walk-thru door, to easy passages, and reduce chances of trippings.
3) Made of a soft material, so lighter on your kid’s head if he/she bumps into it.
4) It’s hardware- mounted, so it increases safety, but… see cons.
5The door can be locked, but… see cons.


1) It is difficult to open the gate with one hand.
2) It’s hardware-mounted, therefore for parents looking for pressure mounted, it will leave holes
3) The door does not lock automatically, so make sure you lock the door after passing through.
4) Some parents may find this extra wide baby gate to be slightly pricey.

Nancy, reviewer for Extra Wide Baby Gate.

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Summer Infant Stylish n’ Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate

Saturday, 23. January 2010 10:00

Having a baby safety gate is for most parents to have a certain peace of mind. Young children or a babies then to be adventurous, and it is important to keep them away from troubles. This is why baby safety gates are so useful, because they allow your baby or young kid to run around but constraint them to a safe area.

Summer Infant Stylish n Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate
more on

Price: $129.99

When it comes to safety, many parents choose Summer Infant, and for good reasons. Summer Infant is a leader in terms of maternity, baby and child products. Summer Infant specializes in babies and kids products, and their expertise is easy to see by the quality of their products.

The Summer Infant Stylish n’ Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate is a must for all parents who want a sturdy extra wide baby gate, but also wants the look. This extra wide baby gate can be installed in less than 20 minutes, and will fit securely in openings as wide as 44” to 72” or 106cm to 183cm. This extra wide baby gate includes 4 extensions, allowing you to install the gate in wider openings. Because it is taller than regular baby safety gates (the gate stands 36” or 91cm tall), this extra wide baby gate can also be used for a slightly older child and for bigger dogs as well.

The gate itself is very attractive, has a modern and fancy look to it, a stylish bronze finish which will compliment new and contemporary homes. The gate is hardware-mounted, which means more protection for your kid. A stylish arched walk-thru door will allow easy passing and is overall, this extra wide baby gate is well worth the investment.

1) This extra wide baby gate is extra wide, and will fit large openings or double doorways
2) The gate is very sturdy
3) The gate has a stylish look that will complement your house
4) The gate is easy to install
5) Hardware-mounted, which increase safety, especially if you are trying to block the access to a stairway

1) Although the manufacturer calls the walk-thru door a “one hand”, it can be actually quite hard to open and close with one hand
2) For parents who are looking for pressure-mounted extra wide baby gates, this gate is hardware-mounted and you will have to make holes in your walls
3) Some parents will find it pricey

Overall, this extra wide baby gate and extra tall baby gate will satisfy all your criteria, whether is is aesthetic or quality of the gate. Worth the investment for sure!

Julia, reviewer for Extra Wide Baby Gate

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North States Expandable Swing Wood Gate – Extra Wide and Hardware Mount

Wednesday, 20. January 2010 18:00

Baby safety gates are used to protect your baby or young toddler from the dangers of a house of from wandering outside of the house. In some cases, a regular baby safety gate will not be wide enough. If this is the case, you may want to consider an extra wide baby gate, which will fit double doorways or w-i-d-e openings.

North States Expandable Swing Wood Gate - Extra Wide and Hardware Mount
more on

Price: $39.99

North States

North States is a company recognized world-wide to make some of the most versatile and economical gates. All their gates are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association ( Many parents choose North States because they can trust them and, this, at an affordable price. The North States Expandable Swing Gate is an example of safe and affordable. This extra wide baby gate fits extra openings, up to 60 inches wide, therefore offering security where other gate would not. This gate is hardware-mounted, therefore very sturdy. This extra wide baby gate easily swings open in both directions. The gate can be used with only one hand. The gate itself stands at 32″ tall, but for storage purposes, can be folded to only 24 inches!

Unlike the other extra wide baby gates presented, this extra wide baby gate is expendable like an accordeon. The gate fits nicely any odd size openings. The gate doesn’t have a door, but can be easily slide opened on either side by parents and adults. Because it can be opened on both sides, when the gate is not in use, you can sleepy unlatch both sides and put it away until the next time you will need it. This feature is very interesting as it allows an easier passage during high traffic periods. This extra wide baby gate also works for pets. This North States expandable wood gate is a good quality, products, sturdy and durable. Because it is made of wood, it will fit any house and decor.

1) Extremely affordable
2) Sturdy
3) Easy to install
4) Easy to open and close (for an adult)

1) Look not very stylish
2) The way this extra wide baby gate opens makes it difficult to use with dry wall (too much motion)

Notes: To prevent serious injury, install gate according to manufacturer’s instructions. Read all warnings and installation instructions before use.

Joan, reviewer for

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Extra Wide Swing Gate by North States

Monday, 18. January 2010 12:49

North States Extra Wide Swing Gate
North States Extra Wide Swing Gate

Because large openings are often too difficult to close off, North States offers you the Extra wide Swing Gate. This is an affordable parents choice that will close off large area for either a young child or a pet. The Extra Wide allows either children or pets to be confined to an area where mom or dad will have total supervision, or that will keep them safe, if the parent have to step out for one minute. This great safety gate extends up to an full 8.5 feet/103 inches and stands at 27 inches high, to discourage the most persevering kid from climbing over. However, this gate from North States does not work with smaller openings, and are strictly made for large openings (smallest opening it can work with is 5 feet or 57 inches). Block off a porch, part of your living room, dining room or any other wide areas. This great gate can be easily removed from its hardware mount when not being in use.

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