How to choose an extra wide baby gate

In today’s society, there is a definite increase in child safety awareness. More and more parents have shown interest in child safety devices. Hence, many parents are now looking to restrain the access of specific areas (stairs, kitchen, garage) or to secure their child in a hazard free area.  While it is easy to protect some parts of the house, because of the different designs of houses, it can be more difficult to find protections for some houses. As a matter of fact, some more modern houses are designed around an open floor concept and tend to have very wide doors, stairs, rooms and it can be difficult to find a place to install a standard size safety gate for your child. This is why some manufacturers have come up with the “extra wide baby gate”, or the super wide gate. These gates are designed to accommodate over 100 inches wide openings!

Safety gates will increase security and decrease the chances of injuries, the house being a place full of hidden hazards!

To help you choose your extra wide baby gate, we have summarize here the types of extra wide gates for children available.

First, you can buy a standard safety gate and simply add some extensions (extra panels). This is a fully practical and functional barrier, but remember that extensions for safety gates will only work if the opening is slightly bigger than a standard gate.

Second, the expandable gate. The expandable gate is the “yo-yo” type of gate. It can be retracted or elongated, and is therefore very useful for a wide range of opening sizes, and will function as long as the opening is smaller than the maximum length of the gate. This type of extra wide baby gate are usually wider than the standard safety gate with extensions and work like a charm for very wide openings. They can also be collapsed to a very minimal size, therefore can be very practically hidden when not in use.

Third, the customizable gates. The beauty of customizable gates is that they gate be joined together to create a playground, used as very very wide barrier, or simply used in very odd openings.

When researching your gate, make sure to read other parents reviews. By the problems they’ve encountered or their warm recommendations, you will be able to decide whether the gate is made for your house or not.You will also need to decide what material you prefer. While wood gates are better looking, they also tend to be more expensive than the metallic one. There is also the soft gates, made of a sturdy but soft material.

By choosing the right safety gate for you and your house, you will feel good knowing that if you have to step out of the room for a minute, your kid will be safe.

Summer Infant Sure And Secure

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Date: Wednesday, 3. February 2010 1:32
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