North States Expandable Swing Wood Gate – Extra Wide and Hardware Mount

Baby safety gates are used to protect your baby or young toddler from the dangers of a house of from wandering outside of the house. In some cases, a regular baby safety gate will not be wide enough. If this is the case, you may want to consider an extra wide baby gate, which will fit double doorways or w-i-d-e openings.

North States Expandable Swing Wood Gate - Extra Wide and Hardware Mount
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Price: $39.99

North States

North States is a company recognized world-wide to make some of the most versatile and economical gates. All their gates are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association ( Many parents choose North States because they can trust them and, this, at an affordable price. The North States Expandable Swing Gate is an example of safe and affordable. This extra wide baby gate fits extra openings, up to 60 inches wide, therefore offering security where other gate would not. This gate is hardware-mounted, therefore very sturdy. This extra wide baby gate easily swings open in both directions. The gate can be used with only one hand. The gate itself stands at 32″ tall, but for storage purposes, can be folded to only 24 inches!

Unlike the other extra wide baby gates presented, this extra wide baby gate is expendable like an accordeon. The gate fits nicely any odd size openings. The gate doesn’t have a door, but can be easily slide opened on either side by parents and adults. Because it can be opened on both sides, when the gate is not in use, you can sleepy unlatch both sides and put it away until the next time you will need it. This feature is very interesting as it allows an easier passage during high traffic periods. This extra wide baby gate also works for pets. This North States expandable wood gate is a good quality, products, sturdy and durable. Because it is made of wood, it will fit any house and decor.

1) Extremely affordable
2) Sturdy
3) Easy to install
4) Easy to open and close (for an adult)

1) Look not very stylish
2) The way this extra wide baby gate opens makes it difficult to use with dry wall (too much motion)

Notes: To prevent serious injury, install gate according to manufacturer’s instructions. Read all warnings and installation instructions before use.

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Date: Wednesday, 20. January 2010 18:00
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