Regalo Flexi Extra Wide Configurable Walk Thru Gate – White

Regalo Flexi Extra Wide Configurable Walk Thru Gate - White

This great extra wide baby gate by Regalo is configurable and can expand up to 76 inches! The Flexi is an extremely convenient gate. First, the walk-through design allow you to go in and out in seconds, eliminating the chances of tripping when trying to walk over the barrier. Second, this so convenient gate is super easy to install, and to remove as well. You can use this safe gate for children, but also for pets, or in some cases, for both, to keep little children away from bigger pets. The whole set up is just so easy to put up and take down. Move it from room to room in your own house, take it up when your brother-in-law in coming with their big dog, or younger children, or even bring it to your in-laws over the holidays vacations. This wide baby gate is easy to open and features a one touch release level style handle. Well-made and sturdy, the configurable Regalo Flexi is a number one choice for many worried parents.

This gate will block off any part of your house, including space as wide as a living room or a kitchen area (over 75 inches wide!). Together, the sturdy construction and the wall-mount system make this gate one the best extra wide available. Once the set up is installed (needs some screws on the wall), but can also be taken off the wall easily. Make sure to keep the safety latch on to prevent your smart kid to open to open the gate if lifting on the latch.

A wonderful gate for parents and give them some peace of mind while working on house chores or receiving guests.

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Date: Tuesday, 5. January 2010 12:36
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