Summer Infant Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate

Finding the right baby gate for a large room, unusual openings, or a large area can be a challenge. Most baby safety gates are made to fit a simple doorway  or a small hallway. It is possible to buy baby safety gate extensions, but buying the gate that fits would be the first choice of many parents. This is why Summer Infant, a leader in child safety devices and electronics, released this more than convenient product, the Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate by Summer Infant, or extra wide baby gate.

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Why Choose Summer Infant

Many parents feel they can trust brands such as Summer Infant, because children and baby safety are what they focus on. Summer Infant is known by most parents for their up-to-date technology in baby safety monitors, baby travel systems, nursery accessories and now baby safety gates, including the extra wide baby gate “Parents’ Super-Wide Custom-Fit Gate”.

This extra wide baby gate is a hardware-mounted, which increase the strength of the extra baby gate, therefore enhancing its overall security. Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (, this gate fits an opening as wide as 12 feet, and this without the hassle of purchasing baby safety extensions!  The size of this extra wide baby gate make it convenient to use and easy to install in openings where it is usually not easy to install regular baby safety gates.  This extra wide baby gate can also be used to corner off a section of a room and can be installed at the bottom of a stairway, to avoid your little one to wander up the stairs. Moreover, if you want to create a play area for your kids and his friends to play, simply purchase two of this extra wide baby gate and attach them together. This gate also features a walk-through door, to ease walking back and forth and eliminating the chances of tripping over the gate. The door locks for more safety to give you peace of mind when not around your child.

From the pictures, it is easy to see how two gates can make an actually area to keep baby away from troubles. This wide baby gate for stairs from Summer Infant is made of a material that is easy to wash and that looks great in any house and decor. The gate is easy to install and connecting two or more gates together can be done in no time. And for pets owners, this super wide custom-fit room barrier is also an excellent pet gate!

1) The extra wide baby gate can be angled and custom to fit unusual openings. The gate is so wide you will need only one gate to close your area of interest. If you need to create a play area, you can purchase a second one.
2) Walk-thru door, to easy passages, and reduce chances of trippings.
3) Made of a soft material, so lighter on your kid’s head if he/she bumps into it.
4) It’s hardware- mounted, so it increases safety, but… see cons.
5The door can be locked, but… see cons.


1) It is difficult to open the gate with one hand.
2) It’s hardware-mounted, therefore for parents looking for pressure mounted, it will leave holes
3) The door does not lock automatically, so make sure you lock the door after passing through.
4) Some parents may find this extra wide baby gate to be slightly pricey.

Nancy, reviewer for Extra Wide Baby Gate.

Date: Thursday, 28. January 2010 20:00
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