Top three extra wide baby gate – Customer’s choice

Last month, we asked our customers what extra wide baby gate they choose and how they would rate them. There were no surprises, the Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate came in first position and was the number one gate of many parents. This gate fits a reasonable large area (38″-53″), but can also accommodate larger areas with larger extensions. The gate is easy to set up (in less than 30 minutes), shuts by itself, is easy to open, and features a great lock. The design of the gate allows your child to see on the other side of the gate and not feel lonely on his or her side of the gate. Because it is pressure mounted, you don’t need to screw anything in your wall. The Dreambaby is tall enough so children can’t get over and was designed to make climbing of the gate nearly impossible for any children.

1. Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate five stars Pressure mounted

Dreambaby Pressure Mount Hallway Gate

2. GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate Patented for No Pinch/No Choke Design

3. Summer Infant Stylish n’ Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Gate

Summer Infant Stylish n Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate2

If you are looking for a REALLY WIDE baby gate, consider the GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate. This gate comes in several sizes, the longest one being as wide as 108 inches!! This baby safety gate is sturdy, easy to install, and is very affordable, so it is no surprise so many parents and pets owners opt for that great gate. The GMI itself fits in quite large openings, and come in 4 sizes : 36, 60, 84 and 108 inches. This gate is simple for adults to open and close, and will keep baby where you want him: away from the dangers of the house.

Finally, the Summer Infant Stylish n’Secure 6 Foot Extra Tall Metal Expansion Gate came in third position for two main reasons: it’s sturdy and fancy look as well as it’s height. This 6 foot long extra wide baby gate will fit any decor and the height of the gate is ideal for tall parents, but also taller children, and will stop the most adventurous child from climbing over the gate.

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Date: Monday, 1. February 2010 10:00
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